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May 13, 2010


Dear Friend Dave, well done for painting a calm and comprehensive 'what happened'!

I fully respect your position and send all my love.

Tracey Smith

Dave, this is a well thought out and brilliantly written post, and captures the conundrum you (and others, maybe even me, as a VERY recent FRSA) face.
I accepted the invite to become a fellow primarily so I could engage with the establishment figures which make up some of the fellowship.
By resigning you make a statement and become 'newsworthy' but if you remained within, you would have a voice within, to counter some of the slick salesmanship that Lomburg peddles.

I cannot give you advice. I respect your decision but I wish you were still a Fellow as I could then arrange to meet you for the first time in the ?Library or ?Gentlemans Club which is for Fellows like me to use but sadly, if you aren't a Fellow, not you. The thought of meeting you, someone I respect and admire, in the FRSA mosh-pit, was very attractive.

But it's OK, next time I head down South, I'll let you know and we can meet in a CAFE NERD for a coffee... And indeed, if you're ever coming to or through York, do feel free to pop in for a wood-heated cuppa and some home-dried fruit rescued from the greengrocer's rubbish.

I look forward to hearing others' views on your resignation, and on your eventual decision.

All the best, John Cossham FRSA

Stop Press: Just heard that Lomborg's latest edited book, Global Problems, Global Solutions (CUP 2009) includes a postscript by Yohe et al, (Yohe is one of Lomborgs freqiently quoted sources) specifically describing Lomborg (the editor) as "dangerous" - twice - and refers in its conclusion to "deliberate deception".

From Wikipedia:

"Lomborg spent a year as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, earned an M.A. degree in political science at the University of Aarhus in 1991, and a Ph.D. degree in political science at the University of Copenhagen in 1994. He has no training in climatology, meteorology, or the physical sciences, but is trained in the use of mathematics and statistics in the social sciences."

Good on you. You did the right thing, Dave. The overwhelming odds are that history will show you were right.

Those who use their authority and position in other disciplines in order to preach against climate science, need to be shown up for what they are.

Hi Dave, may this message find you in the best of health and spirits. Tried to listen to your exact question and statement of resignation on RSA audio recording, but with my computer not displaying the time of the recording I ended up having to hear too much anti-scientific/ factual nonsense recycled (I'm no scientist, but do have a PGDip in Environmental Policy - plus 2 MAs - and am Associate Lecturer on Environment course). LOVE the cartoon in your blog post! In peace, Rianne

I listened to the lecture via the RSA website. I haven't heard Lomborg speak before and he certainly sounded very persuasive and I can see why he's convinced so many people that his ideas are correct. If only what he was saying was true, of course it would make life a lot easier! But he makes so many misleading statements - not only misleading but potentially dangerous - and completely ignores the far-reaching and wide-ranging impacts of climate change.

I'm disappointed that the RSA seem to be endorsing Lomborg, and it would be awful if he managed to get away with saying such things unchallenged - well done.

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