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helping us humans overcome our addiction to oil, ton by ton, one by one, one on one... joyfully playfully and energetically... powered by respect for freedom fairness and fun - for kids sakes


If CO2 were purple we'd have witnessed the sky change colour during our lifetime

Dave's delight is helping people live a more carbon conscious life for less - helping the world come off its addiction to fossil fuel..

... the big carbon detox of the century...

A former international rower, (1982 and 83) Dave is a well-known public speaker and freelance campaigner consultant and coach. An advocate for deeper environmental and social change, his early career was especially with the construction, facilities management and property industries, and he was chair of the Construction Industry Council's Sustainable Development Committee 2001-2004.

Dave has a central life purpose: creating a happy and viable low carbon lifestyle at home.
He wants his children to have a future, and sees life in those stark terms: We adapt or die.

A Cambridge Engineer, Dave started his company Carbon Coach Ltd in July 2005. Dave provides life-style coaching - helping influential individuals trim their 'home' carbon dioxide emissions - saving cash - while enhancing personal reputation and leadership potential.

Dave lives in a highly carbon-efficient (refurbished) house in Marlow, Bucks, with his wife and 4 children and has calculated his family's total primary carbon footprint (*before* green tariff or offset) at 9 tonnes (3 tonnes per adult) ... and falling. In 2005 he was honoured at Building magazine's first Sustainability Awards, as the first winner of the Sustainable Leadership Award.


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