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October 29, 2009


Copy of my email to Mr Treadgold:

You try and bully me, you misrepresent me, and you turn up the nastiness dial. You show yourself up.

It won’t deter me from speaking my truth.

And it might back-fire on you.

I will be monitoring your site, and I may seek legal advice later.

I will not be responding to you and I will not be posting more of your comments on my site after today.

You have helped me write a new blog story.

There is an apology for paraphrasing your words without also publishing your comment.

And a retraction.

That’s all.


Dave Hampton
the carbon coach

He does sound like a nasty piece of work, Dave.
Good on you for standing up to him and his bullying though. I expect he is either a rabid convert-believer who has you pegged as an insecure and socially awkward sort who will back down easily from a robust confrontation, but that would be his second mistake.

The first, obviously, was to have picked the losing side in a battle the survival of our culture, and his third big mistake will have been thinking that he might make some long-term capital from this confrontation, rather than alienating any of the few remaining folks who were undecided about the reality of climate change. After all, who wants to be on the side of a bully?

Well done, Dave, and please keep up the good work. I think you're getting to them!

keep up the good work Dave! But why waste time on this guy? He is spam, totally unproductive and is distracting you from your true calling. Remember the training, don't waste time debating the science, it is unequivocal. Those who choose not to accept it have to deal with it in their own way. You are not going to change them as they are not going to change you, unless you let them.


Thank you for admitting you copied my comments. But you've invited me to re-post the comment which you previously censored, part of which you used without attribution, so thank you for the opportunity.

Now your readers can judge for themselves what I said, whether it was offensive and how it justified your decision to turn against me. Or it might at least return the discussion to the topic: the world's climate.

Here's my post in full:

Dave, you say to me "All of your 'arguments' have been thoroughly debunked, a million times over."

I'm waiting; debunk away.

It will be especially good to see how you paper over the satellite temperature record; it shows no undue warming since 1979, a kind of plateau since 2001 and even a little cooling since 2005. Surely you cannot claim dangerous warming from that?

Please don't imagine you're "indulging" me by responding to my criticism. I don't care what you think. But I represent many ordinary people who ask these questions and make the very assertions I have made. You're speaking to quite an audience when you reply to me. That's not to make you bashful, heaven forbid! No, it's just to show how important it is that your reply is the very best it can be, for it will be assessed by all kinds of honest enquirers.

By the way, your increased traffic was because this silly piece about "a drug called doubt" was held up for ridicule at Climate Depot. I saw it there and came here, with everyone else, to laugh at such thinking. It's funny, although a bit sad.

If you want to try some reasoning, debunk away.


Now, where were we… Oh, yes: does anyone want to discuss the actual climate?

Richard Treadgold.

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