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October 26, 2009


Dave: Don't plagiarise my comments. Don't claim you've posted all comments when you haven't.

I'm still waiting for you to "debunk" the assertion that the climate is not warming dangerously.

Richard Treadgold.


You still haven't admitted stealing my writing for your own comments, although I guess I should be flattered that you liked them so much, huh? I notice that they're sitting on your site still, just as though you wrote them yourself. Do you think of me every time you see them? That's nice.

I haven't mentioned your children, since they have nothing to do with your web site, but you did. I wonder: will you tell them one day about your plagiarism? Would you recommend it to them?

A lot of people have noticed what you did, if you haven't already seen it at http://www.climatedepot.com/

Press Page Down four times and there you are in the left-hand column, bold as brass:

Claim: 'Climate Alarmist plagiarises comments from skeptic'. Our CCG site's visitors have zoomed in the last couple of days, all because of you. So I should thank you for your stupid indiscretion.

Silly, don't you think, to steal comments from someone you've been insulting? Someone you probably instinctively dislike? Silly man.

Does it feel good to be noticed? Or are you hoping this little misjudgement doesn't surface in the consultant circles you try to make a living from? You'd be feeling a bit guilty, I would think.

Come on, Dave, own up! Confession's good for the soul.

Richard Treadgold.

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