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April 23, 2011


Re: "Thus we will empower ourselves, take responsibility for WATT we need, and learn to share and respect limits, and submit to others needs when they are greater than ours, so that they will one day do same for us?" - amen!

The nuclear force is strong with this one!

Here below, for your info, is a message that I have just sent out to the yahoo group of my local Transition Town (Marlow) - who are were sent (anonymously) a link to George Monbiot's disgraceful article of April 5th:

"The unpalatable truth is that the anti-nuclear lobby has misled us all."

Morning all,

Many leading energy thinkers in UK have parted company with George Monbiot (and others like him) who recently appear to have 'sold out' to the vastly wealthy powerful and influential (and often deceitful) "nuclear lobby" - which has also skilfully infiltrated the establishment at all levels. There is (many orders of magnitude) more money behind nuclear - than ever in opposing it.

If you think about it, there's actually not even any such thing as "an anti-nuclear lobby" just a large number of ordinary people who simply say no to nuclear, anywhere near their children, in their backyard, or near anyone else's children for that matter.

Calling natural common sense human opposition to nuclear a "lobby" is a rhetorical trick, to hide the real "lobby" which has 'those in power' funding it, is organised, united and ruthless.

So as far as I'm concerned. The professional mis-leaders are generally speaking all clustered where the money is - which, sadly, is in planning financing and advising on building lots of expensive (in every sense and expensive for eternity) nukes that we don't even need - because sooner or later the grandchildren will need to get on with, and get by on, renewable energy - by definition.

That's my truth, which I hope is palatable to some of you. Now back to my work...

Here is a link to some useful info:

Btw The "No Need For Nuclear" campaign is funded on a short shoe string and helped only by voluntary effort like this, and supported by well known "industry lobbyists" such as CAT (centre for alt tech in wales) Greenpeace, Friends of Earth and by clusters of people who live near nukes in UK. I for one support them in standing up to group think and 'those (currently) in power'...


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